• Material-saving
    While adopting the traditional way of cutting processing to produce parts in complicated shapes, a lot of material was wasted. Metal Powdering technique is a much better way to produce parts because it's material-saving.
  • Time-saving
    Meanwhile, it takes more time and cost when using traditional processing techniques to produce parts in complicated shapes; yet the Metal Powdering technique spends less time and cost.
  • Mass Production & Low-cost
    Using the powdering machine to make molding parts is much faster than using traditional cutting machines; thus, it is good for mass production.
  • Precision
    The best preciseness quality can reach 0.0005 inch when using Metal Powdering technique to produce mechanical parts and the products have smooth surface. The quality is identical to the quality of the middle grinding level in traditional processing technique, and the only procedures are narrowed down to compressing and heating. In addition to it's high preciseness, the Metal Powdering technique offers a production method which produces parts of almost the same size---with near-zero difference in size.
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