Tai-li Enterprise was originally founded in 1977, professionally producing and casting parts of sewing machine. Each member of the organization contributed his/her best to level up the technology and services. The processing procedure of casting was so complicated and difficult that the productivity and preciseness were limited. To improve this, in 1985, we began using automatic powdering processing/molding technique and machines from Japan, and producing industrial or mechanical parts of sewing machines, appliances, automobile, motorcycles, air/pneumatic tools, woodworking machinery, etc. In the same year, Tai-li Company Ltd. was formally established.
In 1987, to meet customers' need and to improve our production, we bought in more equipment and machines as well as had staff go abroad for related technology learning and visiting. In doing so, the design and technique of powdering and molding were much improved. For company's growth and the increase of competence, we have been strived to develop and design. Our new product has entered international market and our customers are quite satisfied with our performance. We re-built our factory into a bigger and better one in current address in 1988.

Tai-li Company Ltd. owns the best staff that makes the best use of modern and precise equipment to produce the best mechanical/industrial parts you can find in the market. Year 2002 turned a new leaf of more excellent performance because we were verified by ISO 9001 in the November of 2002. "Quality and customers come first!" is what we have believed in, and we will keep on improving.

No.7, Lane352, Jiin-Jou Road, Wu-Fong Shiang, Taichung County, Taiwan, R.O.C.